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001_1.jpg (373577 bytes) Daria, Tony & Rob in Cork on bridge over River Lee 013_13.jpg (511043 bytes) Tony on beach again
002_2.jpg (370075 bytes) View from our apartment across Cobh Harbour 014_14.jpg (555173 bytes) Natalie on beach
003_3.jpg (357427 bytes) Another view - but showing more of Cobh Cathedral 015_15.jpg (566114 bytes) Rob leaps rock pools
004_4.jpg (534582 bytes) Lunch on the beach at Inch - just below Ballykenefick 017_17.jpg (430498 bytes) Daria on beach
005_5.jpg (484275 bytes) Another view of beach 018_18.jpg (569318 bytes) View from the beach
006_6.jpg (528499 bytes) Still on the beach 019_19.jpg (456483 bytes) Rob & Natalie search for sea life
007_7.jpg (685136 bytes) Exploring Inch Graveyard for Kenefeck ancestors 020_20.jpg (379022 bytes) The journey back up from beach
008_8.jpg (797110 bytes) View from churchyard towards Ballykenefick - but we don't think this house is connected. 022_22.jpg (384567 bytes) View from pub at Garranekinnefeake
009_9.jpg (584728 bytes) This field is where Ballykenefick should be 023_23.jpg (547162 bytes) The pub
010_10.jpg (588236 bytes) Cycling down to Ballybrannigan beach 024_24.jpg (380502 bytes) Closer view - we are on the mainland looking at the island where Cobh is (but on the far side)
011_11.jpg (433204 bytes) Tony - On beach 025_25.jpg (444160 bytes) A US Coastguard training ship in Cobh Harbour
012_12.jpg (484094 bytes) Rob on the beach